A Perfect Valentine’s Day: Vanity Train’s Guide

February is the month of love and romance and the birds and bees and all things beautiful. It is the month where you need to go all guns out with your creativity and plan a memorable surprise for your partner. For all those not in a relationship, February is still the month to express your love- celebrate your loved ones by sending your mom a plant or going on a fun brunch with friends this Valentine’s Day. Fly to see your sibling and spend the day being notoriously insane with them or plan a girls only event with friends and indulge in all things you love! Moping around is not an option, feel it in your fingers, feel it in your toes, Love is all around you, And so the feeling grows…

This Valentine’s Day do feel free to ignore the clichéd ‘dinner date’ and plan a fun date during the day. Pack a yummy lunch basket and surprise your partner with a picnic in the park. Carry a cozy patchwork blanket or two, your Kindles (or books), a flower arrangement and cocktails in sippy mason jars. You can either pick up lunch for a picnic or whip something up yourself and go the extra mile. Do keep in mind your date’s food preferences and allergies while planning the food! Must haves are some apples- they add that naughty first sin vibe to your idyllic setting of “Adam and Eve in the Woods”, black grapes- because sexy, strawberries- ditto, and some sparkling wine to add to the headiness of the afternoon (or just good ol’ sparkling water, just get some fizz ye). You do want to keep the basket fresh and easy keeping in mind your surroundings.

In the spirit of the day, wear red. Rebelling against the red would only appeal to the try hard. I would suggest going bohemian for the occasion in a ruffled red midi-maxi dress, layering necklaces and a floral headband or two.

Be the Sunshine Goddess you are meant to be.

Channel your inner forest nymph and Eve your way into delicious sin this Vday!






On Me: Dress Mango, Floral Headband ASOS, Personalised Diamond Moon and Shark Tooth Necklaces Charlie and Marcelle, Rings Tanishq