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This post is only a slight introduction to the ever-evolving fashion background and aspirations of Vanity Train. Q&As are fun so here we go:

1. What sparked your interest in fashion?

My interest in fashion goes back to when I was a little kid. I would say I probably got my start when I was 6 and got my first Barbie. I enjoyed styling her to make different statements and approximate styles for all events she had in her day using various outfits and accessories. I was always fascinated by my mother’s Vanity Case and loved wearing her chiffon sarees for playtime. My mother always encouraged my interest and my dad gifted me a new Barbie every month to build on my imagination, and the rest is history.


2. Is fashion fickle? Is it about being fake?

Fashion is ever-evolving. Fashion is about creativity, it’s about building a better you. As someone who may tend to be socially awkward, fashion has always provided an outlet for me to express myself in its myriad ways. When the self-expression does get a bit too OTT, my sister always helps rein in the craziness.


3. What is your first fashion/beauty memory?

Wearing a custom-made red and white 70s churidar-kurta for my first birthday. Thanks mom!

4. What is your personal style statement?

Minimalistic pregnant bohemian even though I am not pregnant. I hope.


In Lome, Togo. Dress by London Paris New York.

5. Which outfit could you live in for the rest of your life?

A swing dress.

6. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Shopping on net-a-porter! You gotta do you!

7. The one trend/style you would NEVER wear?

CROCS. I’d tell Crocs to go to hell, but am pretty sure their residence is 666 Satan’s Lane.


8. Style icons whose sensibilities you appreciate?

Karl Lagerfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Madame de Rosa, Kate Middleton



My Everyday Karl Inspirations

9. Which is your favourite fashion city?

Dublin- everyone was futuristic punk and the tourists stood out like a bright pink sore spot. The contrast of the city’s brown, the punk dream and the clueless tourists was a visual delight I shall treasure.

10. Less or more?

Less, always.

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  1. It was actually fun to read and know you a little more. The things about your childhood are even more interesting. 🙂 I am a fashion novice so yes, i ll follow u up ;-)

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