A Guide into February

Well, it’s that time of the year- time to get up and cracking and try making some major life changes. Okay, not really since we are already a month into 2016. But that’s how long it usually takes me to accept that we have gone around the sun just one more time and life and time are slowly running out on us. A month is also how long it takes for me to get over my holiday hangover and come to terms with vacation withdrawal.

January mostly consists of me bumming around, hanging by pool and imagining scenarios in which I have my life together and day-dreaming about being a responsible adult. Also, shopping. Lots and lots of online shopping to have all the things I supposedly need to be armed with for these hypothetical ‘responsible, motivated, hard-working adult’ like dream sequences. Things that mostly include lots of clothes and shoes for some reason. The self-awareness levels are high in this one, the motivation however, fails to load.

2016 Essential: ‘Fashion Agenda‘ by Karl Lagerfeld to quench the perpetual Karl thirst

So now that I have recuperated all month-long and incubated several ideas and thoughts for 2016, it’s time to await February and the resolutions it brings. With January ending, I am jotting down my plans and preparing for some overhauls so I can begin the new year the way I am supposed to- mostly refreshed, motivated to be effective and highly optimistic.

Here are some thoughts for the year to come:


Keep a money diary, like some crazy people do a food diary. I did try to keep a food diary once upon a time and it was hilarious. It lasted for 3 days. But money, well, money is important when you haven’t really kept a tab on finances since 2010. So the idea is to just keep a diary of all expenses, review them every Sunday afternoon and probably try to learn a lesson or two. I do believe simply reviewing your expenses can help you change and curb spendthrift ways. Once you do get a hang of your habits (which may take a while if you happen to be as clueless as myself), you can start setting budget goals and try to slum it out a little and invest to make a better life for yourself and for any offspring you may plan to have.

To keep a money diary, we need a cute, lightweight diary which can be carried about with ease. My favourite finds are this Blah Blah Edge Notebook (blah, blah how boring and tacky is it discussing money) and this Mermaid Glitter Notebook (always reminding you to budget for that fabulous beach holiday you have been dreaming of). You may also want to get this Diamonds Are Forever Pen to jot down your spendthrift ways and remind you to save for a big rock, if that’s your thing.


It’s that time of the year for us to take inspiration from Eminem and hardcore clean out our closets (this joke never gets old). Come on now, pile ’em up. While I find this Vogue guide below extremely effective, I’d still suggest holding onto your most loved pieces that you don’t fit into because what else if not your favourite clothes can inspire #FitnessGoals.


Although balancing work and life and workouts is tough, it’s best to integrate some form of a workout into your schedule three times a week. Given that I am naturally predisposed towards a state of inertia, I have always had a love-hate relationship with working out (love the post workout accomplished feeling, hate going to work out). I have come to realise it’s best to vary your workout plans and never make a routine of it. Routines are very boring for me and if you aren’t into hitting the gym, do explore various options and keep varying your workouts to keep you engaged and excited.

Given that I have spent the last couple of years chilling to the max and have gone up half a size, I need to get fit and of course, fit into all my clothes that I love so much. Clothes have always been a huge motivator for me and I would suggest you discover your motivators and play up to them, no matter how absurd.

Everyone has something that can work for them and make them feel good, and here’s my fitness routine that I’ve been working on:


I have done Yoga as a child and pretty much into my adult life, moving to power yoga, so it’s something that I quite enjoy and my body appreciates the effort and coos with pleasure when I do indulge in a Yoga session. I usually do my Yoga indoors in my work cum private den by myself.


Pemba Island, 2016

Never have I been a fan of swimming pools growing up. The pools with so many more kids, the chlorine and the harsh sun have always been huge turn offs for me. But I am lucky to have a pool for myself now which is chlorine free and the beautiful weather all year round ensures you want to spend your days by pool, every single day. I have really taken to swimming everywhere- in the pool, in the ocean, in little creeks and rivers, I pretty much cannot wait to jump in now.

Every once in a while, I also like to go to Bodyline Gym and Spa for a session of spinning or Shotokan Karate. They have other fitness classes as well as weekend boot camps which I do intend to try out. Karate has always been a meditative form of exercise for me and I have been training since I was ten.

While I mostly end up working out solo, you might want to make a work out buddy who can help keep you motivated and on track.

The key thing is to not be hard on yourself if you miss a workout and you can always balance it out by healthy eating. More on that in another post.

Happy February ‘Resoluting’!

Mandira Popat

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